Autosexual Magical Techniques



There are many autoerotic guides describing how a person pleases themselves sexually, but they rarely mention how a narcissist or autosexual particularly does.

The carnal delights, and sublime spiritual levels sex magicians claim to reach, fascinating even great intellects like Aleister Crowley, Marquis de Sade and others, are attained by no better than "autosexually oriented" people themselves, whose sexuality is more emancipated than any other group, socially, psychologically and intellectually. They are natural experts at the erogenous zones of the human body, inducing such thrill some call sex magic, that is similar in effect to drugs and in ritualistic behavior to occult, while it's merely brain chemistry.

Here is an account of autosexual habits, based on autosexuals' own confessions, in diaries, letters, conversations, etc. It is of great value to couples to learn from autosexuals how to treat, love and understand one's own body first. Then, most autoerotic techniques, with some tweak, can fit and enrich the relationship between partners.


I. Physical Autosexuality

An autosexual who takes pleasure in feeling their own body (rather than admiring it) does the following:


Loosening up before sex increases body sensitivity during sex, giving more pleasure and sparing the unnecessary pain or even injury sometimes caused by bad insensitive sex. Many lovers get into sex immediately, just reacting to an urge, without being physically or emotionally ready to make love. Others turn sex into a routine exercise to be relaxed or fall asleep after. Sex is best when mixed with other pleasures: relaxation, massage, music, nature, etc. Simple stretching movements can be part of sex itself, as sex and relaxation mutually improve each other. Sex is originally relieving the most tense area in the x-shaped human body, where sexual fantasies are only optional. Meanwhile, relaxation is simply to move between body ends and centers: from fingertips and toes to abdomen, and vice versa.


  • Standing positions generally allow more control, diverse sensations and faster arousal; lying positions allow more fantasy and less stress; and sitting positions have some benefits of both. Lying down is best for "minimum effort" sex when arousal is already achieved; when not, other techniques are used, separately or in combination.
  • Free pelvis movement in every direction, e.g. gyration, acts as a hands-free inner-massage for prostate and vaginal walls, easing lower back pain as well.
  • Straddling frees tension between legs and increases perineum sensitivity.
  • Knee bending lowers pressure on feet & knees, shifting tension from them to pelvis. It shouldn't take long as it aches the thighs and can cause early orgasm.
  • Hunching gives more control over genitals, needed for quick arousal, before springing back to erect mode again. Shifting between "hunched, erect & obtuse" is better with an empty stomach and smaller belly.

Every position or movement should lead to inner stimulation, where actual excitement takes place. Every body part can be used, without ignoring any out of laziness or shyness, except that to avoid for safety. Slowness is the shortest cut to safety, when trying new sensations or moving absentmindedly. A simple wrong movement can dampen the greatest pleasure.


They touch, rub, squeeze, and hug different body areas, slowly and passionately.

  • Self-hugging is not just for autosexuals; it releases oxytocin, the arousing fear-fighting hormone. One hand is used for genital stimulation, the other for stimulating the rest of the body. Legs squeeze one another. And the whole body can press against a soft surface. Even without moving, just stiffening up muscles can give a faster similar sensation to hugging, pleasing, and boosting confidence too. However, stiffening up should be temporary, because a tense muscle gradually aches, causing pain instead of pleasure.
  • The most sensitive muscles are those around soft tissues and mucous membranes: perineum, hips, pecs, and facial muscles (around genitals, anus, tits and mouth), that pass stimuli fastest to the rest of the body. Together they form the erogenous zones in most humans.
  • Our sense of touch is very touchy/volatile: it needs regular change to be felt. We enjoy touching by going through a cycle of relief & tension: loosening up then tensing up, pressing a soft object then a hard one, touching a smooth surface then a coarse one, enjoying warmth after coldness and coolness after heat, etc.

For extra skin sensitivity and free movement, full nudity is needed (no clothes or accessories), fingernails are clipped, long hair is tied or cut, and the entire body is shaved (unless newly-grown hair is uncomfortable). Oils, balms, warm water, soap ... even sweat and mud, if wisely used, increase skin sensitivity, being both soothing and arousing. However, since lubricants generally allow minimal friction and maximal speed, external sensitive organs, such as eyes/teeth/genitals, should be protected and carefully handled. Also, some inner organs are better kept light/unburdened (stomach, intestines, bladder) as they dull, ache and slow down the outer ones.

• Mouth is all wet with saliva, tongue moving, lips puckered ... for self oral-sex which has more freedom than in mutual sex (no intrusion by others' body parts). Raising tonsils by real/fake gagging increases saliva and oral sensitivity.

They smell their body passionately. They love their own smell (skin oil, sweat, and other body secretions). One's own pheromones are naturally appealing. Sniffing (just like taking drugs with nostrils constricted/pressed) allows the natural mood-boosting nitric oxide in.

They erotically and sweetly talk to themselves, as well as whisper, moan, grunt, laugh, cry, sing, scream ... according to mood, for verbal stimulation. Particular "words" are used if they turn on, meaningful or not, and the language used in general ranges from polite and romantic to rude and vulgar—addressing a stranger, a child, a lover, a master, a slave, or a sexy enemy one fights with.

They listen to erotic music to move to for audio stimulation. This can be music mimicking sex, or one that has a strong/fast rhythm, very high and low notes, or parts one finds particularly sexy. Many find tribal, primitive and animal-like music sexy. Classics generally stir imagination, to fit any subject. In case of songs, lyrics can be ignored, or thought of differently (e.g. as if addressing oneself).

• Looking at any object one loves can be arousing, and vice versa (looking at any object while one is aroused can make them love it): nature (plant, water, light, sky, horizon); art (picture, design, architecture); new/old objects (gift, keepsake), static/moving (car, machine); etc.

The best sex toys or tools are those designed to give deeper, longer, extra excitement natural human sex cannot give. It's meaningless, and not autosexual, to buy sex toys that only look like human body parts; rather, one should enjoy the features the toy itself has and the special pleasure it offers. It's good to fantasize about old toys one tried before, new ones yet to be tried, or even ones yet to exist. Any sex toy/object must be safely manufactured and rationally used, to avoid accidents.


  • Despite the importance of different erogenous zones, some erection, of penis/clitoris, is needed for arousal. At the beginning of sex, without existing arousal or even fantasies, the autosexual can be aroused directly by certain movements only, focusing on fast stimulation & muscle tension, till they reach a pre-orgasmic state and stay there (near orgasm, with some/full erection) where the body becomes hypersensitive to the slightest pleasurable sensation. Common warm-up exercises precede such fast tense state to avoid heart problems or muscle pain/cramps.
  • Then, they return to normal speed immediately to avoid hasty orgasm (vaginal contractions/premature ejaculation), to enjoy at a slow pace, after arousal/erection has been achieved, and to prolong the sensation, freely mixing it with thoughts they like—nature, sunlight, river, landscape, breeze, music, memories, self-talk, etc.—that increase excitement and keep arousal without having particular thoughts of "sex with anyone."


Orgasm is the most rewarding, shortest part of sex, that an autosexual can "prolong & intensify" by high control and sensitivity.

  • A delayed orgasm can be fully or partially delayed by pre-orgasmic & non-orgasmic sex.
    • Masturbation generally allows more control over orgasm than mutual sex does. Edging is important in keeping dopamine levels high, without reaching its peak and inevitable subsequent fall. There are many edging techniques to increase both sensitivity and control over orgasm: slowness, shifting hands, standing up, gyration, mixing sex with relaxation, physical breaks, and mental diversion.
    • The bladder/urethra/rectum/anus/penis/vagina is extra sensitive to lubricants/salts/spices/wounds/pressure (by toys/body wastes), all of which increase sensitivity yet cause tension and limit movement and control over orgasm.
  • A long orgasm requires control "during" orgasm itself which is more challenging. Some liken long orgasm to multiple orgasm although the latter requires full breaks between orgasms. Both are common in nature for many alpha males to save and divide semen among several females. Females do the same with several males, but less as they can also fake orgasm. Prolonged orgasm is reached by the same techniques used for slow partial urination that can be practiced in advance by Kegel exercises. Less commonly, it's reached indirectly by anal sex, stimulating the prostate/back of vaginal walls through the rectum instead of the penis/clitoris.
  • An indirect orgasm has many forms: A full anal orgasm, long/short, without genital help, requires more focus & sensitivity. A vaginal orgasm is easier but more difficult than clitoral orgasm. A mental orgasm, or a "wet daydream," is the most challenging & rewarding.


  • During sex, an autosexual has fantasies of sex itself: of techniques and technologies they tried before or want to try someday. As in mutual sex, where humans and most species prefer "new & hard-to-obtain" partners, so in auto-sex: fantasizing about new sex settings, techniques and tools that are challenging to find is the most exciting.
  • Mental excitement leads to physical excitement, and vice versa. One can do without all physical techniques, getting into arousal instantly, if one has previous memories to evoke. To evoke purely autosexual memories, one needs to "make" such memories first, of actual self-pleasure they had, for the mind to store and later recall. Autosexual beginners, who lack such memories, need more physical stimulation and mental acceptance, curiosity and creativity, till they develop memories.
  • For mind focus during sex, one avoids thinking of other types of sex with other partners (or thinking of one's own body, IF it strongly reminds them of other partners), while keeping both mind and body focused on the moment and physical pleasure as such.
  • For body focus, they avoid seeing any body/picture/porn, their own or others', during sex lest it remind them of strangers' bodies they don't want to remember. Similarly they avoid hearing voices, they or others make, if such remind them of partners they don't want.

The more time spent, thoughts had, and pleasure experienced alone, the more pleasurable memories the brain stores, preferring them to other types of non-solitary sex.

II. Narcissistic Autosexuality

Autosexual narcissists like to fake promiscuity, to spice up sex:

  • When an autosexual narcissist looks at their own body from between their shoulders, it's like looking at a stranger's body (sitting or standing next to them) that he/she is craving to "touch."
  • Using mirrors (large, many, plane, concave, convex) as well as lenses.
  • Looking at one's own pictures, especially those where one looks sexiest, including old pictures, edited pictures, and pictures with a particular pose, angle, light ... one likes.
  • Using computer programs that change voice/picture simultaneously while talking/moving.
  • Making faces like those of people one likes, which requires some acting and miming skills (e.g. exercising facial muscles by treating the whole face as a "boneless" dough). This gives diversity and satisfies the polygamous nature inherent in humans in general.
  • Experimenting with light effects to awaken senses and evoke romantic thoughts.
  • Wearing different clothes, accessories, perfumes, masks, makeup ...


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