A Collection of Poems



A Sinner's Journey

A headache in my eastern hemisphere,
And expected storms of obscenities!
My good Conscience, I will now leave you here:
For the Land of Love, I may shortly leave,
And pray good Bacchus me accompany:
Who else can me drive, and my thirst appease!
And if sweet Venus joins our company,
My perfect journey that will cert'nly be.

But alas! there was no such a journey:
I was lost in reverie and loneliness.
Memories and family, where are they?
Here they left me, cast-away, on this isle:
Rising with the billows of Holiness,
Sinking in foul and filthy, smutty mire,
And burning in fire, quenchless, ageless fire.

My corrupt smelly corpse
Absorbs every lust,
And just one fellow I can trust,
The devil-waiter on my side,
My little jinni fulfilling my desires.

Seeking spiritual healing,
In the arms of a love dealer,
All my members have been devoured,
And every inch was thrown to fire.

From heaven, my sweating body's dripping
Over poor desert monks,
Who were praying in daylight, in delight,
But never saw the Light.
Like church statues, for eons petrified,
They sang their requiem, in haste, and lied
Forever, in dirty coffins with mice.

* * *

Here in heaven I finally arrived.
A door was squeaking, and angels peeking:
I was in conference with God!
His nods were seeking answers. I replied:
"Thou art a fraud!"

Re-sent to earth I was serving
My eternal sentence with verve:
Forever with those I have loved
Without a need of repenting.


Zeus and Hera

The teardrops were pouring down the white breasts
Of the Gigantic Eternal Woman.
Sitting with the Universe at her feet,
Her whole body was profusely bleeding,
Brutally wounded by humans' follies!
She was calling her Husband and wailing,
Solely facing a scary solitude!
She is our Cosmos, in her lap we dwell.
The burning eyes and limbs were diffusing
Light to the world. Attired in black, she looked
Awesomely sad. I approached her and asked:
"O Mother of Life, why art thou weeping?"

The Earth was shaken! The long-lost Husband
Arrived—shouted! All Creation, frightened,
Ran to her for shelter, from His anger.
Bestriding her, and the terror-stricken
Humanity beneath her, the Massive
Red Titan was gazing straightforwardly,
Sipping His wisdom from Eternity.
Time was motionless, seized in His right hand;
And Knowledge from His forehead was dripping
For those who were craving to understand.
Men were climbing His body and fighting,
Dying to grasp His infinite wisdom.
Little above His navel, they stay still;
For whoever ventures into the Unknown
Territory is immediately dead:
"To touch the Divine Lips makes you divine!"

The Master's caprices were too fateful,
For the Adonises of the City
Have all mysteriously disappeared.
Forebodingly smiling the burning lips,
The lustful eyes roamed among worshipers,
Selecting a quarry for His dinner:
"O Lord! Wilt thou let me be thine to-night?"

Morning clouds loomed sad on the horizon:
A man's life has gone, a new day begun.


A Life-Long Romance

Love, Live & Learn

May the precious gift of love
And all its joy now be yours!
With the Other you will live,
While your happiness endures.
You have treasured a passion,
That has been long in reserve,
You will give to someone now
Whose heart you dearly deserved:
One of all the living to
Your very soul confide to.
And you will love and caress,
Freely feel without reserve;
To your heart's utmost desires
Free rein you happily give.
That secret of life is worth
Those sweet tears in eyes you love,
The give and take everyday,
Of the never-ending hive—
A cry for love since our birth,
A willingness to survive.

Here my case will rest:
Love and be loved, yet
The dream of life will end—
You must not forget;
We will die, but still
It's good that we lived.
Off-shore we are now,
But soon we will moor;
On-shore it will be,
Peaceful and carefree.
I foresee all things
Falling into place—
Still I am unsure!
Who can really tell,
Where's Heaven or Hell?
Here I only see
Buildings and faces,
Life is just a glimpse,
Who knows what will be!

The Book of Life is open
Though extremely short and brief,
We will cherish every leaf
Whenever we are broken.
Therein Wisdom has spoken:
"I was only a leaf
In the life garden thrown;
My Book of Deeds and Men
By vicious wind was torn,
Except one page I penned
My curse and my belief
In letters made of stone:
May those who ever scorn
These humble words of mine
I passionately adorn'd,
See no light, no dark—but
Only eternal grief!"



I missed my flight to Eternity.
Alone I sat, crying and cursing
Everyone, whoever caused me hurt,
My fate, and the day I was born.
They didn't wait for me,
I never knew why.
With tears and obscenities,
I mixed my goodbyes.

A distant galaxy they'll settle in,
My kith and kin and everyone,
Where mortals have found an elixir
Ending the story of Mortality.
For happiness cannot be happier,
And death's no more a threat,
When life is all there is.

Seeing them across the horizon, flashing,
In a vehicle of fire and photons,
My heart cried to no avail.
I caught sight of mother waving,
I saw siblings leaping on airwaves,
And fireballs bouncing.

Roaming alone long deserted Earth's streets,
Passing by haunted buildings,
Treading plants, stones, rats, and roaches,
With those reckless feet,
It solaced me I was
A giant, on a planet of insects.



I won't forget the day a dear friend I met;
Though years went by its memory's never worn.
To the sky I looked and wished that day to return,
To relive the life we have lived:
The nights and days, summer, winter, sunrise, and sunset,
The laughs, tears, work, and play,
Endless memories and events,
All in my mind stored.
How we sought happiness, in every second we lived,
Without losing innocence,
Peace, and the lessons we have learned.
All our heart desires we worked to fulfill,
All to the rim we wished to fill.

How can I deny
The times you and I
Idyllically spent;
The visions and dreams
Of worlds unseen
To which we went;
And the moments when I ... felt
Alone and forlorn, by everyone left,
Except with you my dear:
You who were here, to help and correct
What others have wronged.
You who would kindly accept
To share with one, such as me,
His burden and his tears,
To re-build and repair
What others couldn't mend.
Thank you my friend:
A good Samaritan you are,
An angel heaven-sent.

History may belittle
And Father Time forget
The love we have given,
And favors we have done;
But no one will replace
The only special place
You know you possess
Here with me to live.
I will not forget or diminish
That innocent joy and play
Together we have shared,
And words we have said —
For what life's about
But a child with his friends,
playing to the end.

Little have I written
But much you deserve.
If I can just give
As much as you have given.



The aimlessly rambling words kept rising
And falling with the current,
Billowing and heaving,
To tease my talent;
They perched on mountaintops, stopped a moving cloud,
Kissed a flying fledgling, then settled on the ground.

Heaven-wards they went, like
A tedious melody that rent
Horizons, scaring a heedless angel,
Pleasing a wretched crow,
And some reckless ears
On Earth I don't know.

When everyone is gone, and all is said and done, I sit on World's Top, like a sleepless god, and do my favorite thing: bring some clay or mud, mix on medium fire, then "Bang!" Beam, boom, baboon, or any hapless utterance, I let there be world!

As I wake up, and the dream is gone, I know I am not a god, yet; but I can play one: I take and give life, to words. With such I resurrect, instead, corrupt lifeless birds, fighting the absurd, decomposing the living, and living with the dead.

My nods, shrugs, and kicks;
My moans, sighs, and cries
Have all transformed,
Into words, non-verbally felt,
When told, often misconstrued.
Earth-wards they fell,
Scattered and crushed,
Dead unburied words.

At the end I was, but, a dog wandering, among the debris. Hesitantly, it approached, had a glimpse of something: "Lo, it's a bone! Another, a third, a whole skeleton!" I saw my self alone, smiling at me.