The US Border Crisis:

The Southern Invasion and US Decline


The invaders are here, you can see them everywhere, and they are here to stay. This is not another wave of illegal immigrants; it's a full-fledged invasion under the auspices of an irresponsible administration that doesn't respect or understand the ABC's of sovereignty of a country over its borders. It brazenly encouraged foreign invaders to break US laws, at the expense of already struggling Americans, socially and economically, and millions of worthy immigrants worldwide who want to come here legally. Over there, they stand in line outside US embassies and consulates; they wait months and years sometimes to be vetted while their papers are being processed. Here, the invaders just walk in.

If the US borders devolve into a mere virtual line only seen on the map, with the actual porous borders eroding everyday, there will be no US eventually. Already, the US has been declining after its golden age from WWII till the end of the 20th century. When it stood alone on the world stage as the only Superpower, as declared by Bush the Father after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was only for a short time. The damage of such world unipolarity has made the US similar to a big populous "central" city everyone moves to till things turn chaotic. Waves upon waves of illegal immigrants started flooding the US. Meanwhile, those who couldn't (unlike the lucky southern neighbors), were eaten by that unipolar world class envy and inequality, that some decided to destroy what they couldn't get: 9/11 came as a wakeup call, that still sadly after 20 year no one fully heeded.

Illegal immigration has become chronic, but never before did it reach such unprecedented heights, and it's only getting worse (at the time of writing this, around 1/4 million crossed the border last month alone, while the President, VP, DHS and others struggle to cover it up). We haven't recovered yet from the previous waves of illegal immigrants over the years, and probably never will, who share life with us and are now emboldened to seek more rights despite their lack of merit, not to mention quality, compared to immigrants legally and carefully selected. America's demography is changing rapidly, and as Biden "happily" declared, we [European Americans] soon won't be a majority.

Tens of millions of illegal immigrants already live here. Hispanics alone, documented and undocumented, roughly make half of the US population and are still rising. There is a statistical reason why for every apprehended migrant encountered at the border, there are MORE gotaways who slip into the country undetected. Statistics show for every million border encounters, 400 000 others are detected/arrested inland annually (back when there were enough border patrol agents actually "patrolling," rather than rescuing/hosting/baby-sitting/paper-processing/chasing empowered cartels/etc.). But, worst of all is the SILENT MAJORITY: those who've been living for years illegally across the US without being detected as they keep a low profile to stay out of trouble.

Some US Hispanic political organizations, galvanizing more voters, are now emboldened to brazenly declare, "The Future is Latino"-- not the "old-fashioned" diverse American melting-pot. It's safe to say we are steadily becoming a predominantly Latin American country, slowly but surely: open the borders, release illegals into all US states, and let them "squat" and reproduce, until, by force of habit, we forget their crime and give them rights, then, citizenship: a citizenship founded on a crime. It's amazing whenever we "talk minority" and civil rights, in media, arts, etc. we still typically focus on African Americans (little, if any, Hispanic-only soap operas, movies, etc.) although Hispanics outnumber every other minority now, however they stay low-key in media because of the guilt associated with the way many of them came here.

None of the above is to be confused with "legal" Hispanics who have been, and still are, vetted, selected and needed by our country, many of whom are socially, financially and psychologically harmed by the influx of illegal ones and feel "insulted" for all the efforts they made to become US citizens through legal and "ethical" pathways. Even most Hispanic communities at the border, who favor cooperation but not consolidation with Mexico, are now struggling more than ever to live safely without their life and livelihood threatened and damaged by the daily border-crossers.

Of course, we must cooperate with and support neighboring countries, like in Central America -- for cheaper shipping, shared geography/climate/security/etc. -- but not by making them live here (1/3 of El Salvador population already live in the US), nor by cooperating less with Europe and other First World countries, like us, that support, guide, and serve as models to the rest of the world. Denying 500 years of Western Civilization, with all its achievements to humanity we see wherever we turn our eyes, is absurd. Admitting this simple fact is not "racism," as the overly-powered globe-striding brain-washing media and Big Tech's want us to believe, to get more quantity than quality of their US and worldwide users of a still unregulated digital technology they hoard billions from.

Supporting citizens in less developed countries is by helping them catch up with us, not us falling behind like them, unless liberal globalists' definition of equality is "misery needs company." Why put good and bad apples together in one basket? This is not healthy for the globe. Are those illegal immigrants and their children the ones who will later run "NASA, the Pentagon, Silicon Valley, Boeing, our nuclear reactors/heads, Caltech, MIT, and our top world universities and scientific institutes?

The US has been a successful country not because of its resources, but the people managing such resources; America is defined by Americans, not inanimate mountains, lakes, minerals, etc. (there are many "rich & backward" countries, until resources are depleted too). Many nations brought their own demise by the decline of their population quality they failed to control (births, immigration, brain drain, and general lawlessness & weakness) leading to chaos and conflicts between the different factions of society, like the newcomers and original inhabitants, over the limited resources, before their eventual division--as was the fate of many old civilizations and present-day failed states.

As in the animal kingdom, some ethnic/religious minorities will over-breed to outnumber their rivals, at the expense of the whole country they share--just like many US leftist politicians who want to fill the country with MORE voters by any means, ethical or not, ruling by "quantity" not quality. It's OK for them to see the US devolving into a mere populous country in the American continent, e .g. Brazil or Mexico, a former superpower declining before our eyes, A NATION DIVIDED BETWEEN TWO CAMPS BOTH EQUALLY WRONG: A HARDHEADED RIGHT RIDICULED BY THE MEDIA AND BIG TECHS, AND AN IRRESPONSIBLE LEFT BRAINWASHED BY THE MEDIA AND BIG TECHS. Is there still a chance divided Americans unite and take action before it's too late?


Facing the Crisis

1. Asylum Abuse

  Correct the wide-spread misinformation about asylum, appeal-to-emotion fallacies and outright lies spread by many in the media, Big Techs, politicians, and activists. We must address the misunderstanding many Americans have of asylum rights, and the abuse of those rights by illegal immigrants, and those who support them, who take advantage of Americans' ignorance.

Most asylum seekers worldwide, as French President Macron warned, abuse that word "RIGHT," at the expense of those who truly deserve it. In Europe there are daily flights deporting false asylees. Asylum is not about/for someone coming here to make more money, loving American movies/music/lifestyle, or just jealous of other friends or relatives who came here legally or illegally. Poverty is a universal problem, and inviting poor people from all over the world to live here is insanity, because poor countries make most of the world population. The very fact that 90% of asylum seekers do not attend their court hearings or are legally denied asylum is enough evidence that most of these people are FAKE asylum seekers.

  Let any "true" asylum seeker apply at the US embassy in their country or a neighboring one. That's what embassies are for. It's dangerous to let someone into your house without knowing who they are.

In the past, before having proper, strong international laws, embassies, communication, etc. people just came here. But that was also at the time of colonialism, slavery, and many past evils. Using the appeal-to-the-past fallacy (we are all immigrants) or claiming many Americans, then, came here illegally too is absurd. Because, by the same argument, we can also justify old practices like slavery or even ethnic cleansing of Native Americans. 

  Let "true" asylum seekers be shared with and distributed among other neighboring countries, instead of letting them all into the US only. EU countries DO that. If asylees are really escaping death, let them go to a peaceful neighboring country (that usually, luckily shares their language and culture too). If asylum seekers are "picky," again, they are fake.

  Stop abusing good values to achieve political gains, as done by some who claim their immigration policy is more HUMANE. Is it humane to make parents manipulate their children and use them as tools to come here, even when they could end up enslaved/molested by the cartels, sick, lost, or dead en route to the US, and still even monitored and indebted to the cartels while here? Is it humane to flood the US with unprecedented amounts of lethal "drugs" killing more Americans (esp. Chinese-made ones, no wonder)? And is it humanely fair to worthy immigrants applying at US embassies worldwide while their opportunities are taken by "illegals" here? "Humane" is used to hide a lot of ignorance, self-interest and sometimes evil motives behind.

How absurd and dangerous to only allow in minors and those with minors! What logic, appeal-to-emotion fallacy (put a child's face on it, to market your policy faster)? If minors deserve asylum, why not old people or those with no family, are these categories suffering less? Are the children happy with the dangerous journey and separation from families and playmates back home, or are they just a tool used by their parents to get here, just as they are a tool for politicians to get more votes? Send those children back home safely, on business class if needed (that's cheaper than hosting them here forever).

2. Immigration Policies

Asylum is only one route to immigration. More generally we should define our immigration goals as the US has always been a nation of immigrants. Similar countries have an immigration secretary coordinating with the cabinet on selecting, vetting, and integrating new immigrants. There are millions worldwide who want to come to the US legally, respect its laws, values, language, etc.--compared to those who don't and won't. The US deserves to choose those who live on its soil. Is this too much to ask for?

There are "people with PhD" from other countries who would love to come and live here working in "any" job, as life quality is generally better here. Why make up for labor shortage by low-quality low-paid uninsured illegal immigrants? Why not legal ones, or needy Americans, or "technology"? As civilization moves forward, hand work, including farm work, is replaced by technology, that we must focus more on the "quality" of our population, than a needless quantity becoming a burden eventually we have to lay off, as it does more harm than good. We can import/outsource food products to focus on more important things we can specialize in. Japan imports most of its food, while earning billions from selling its top technologies to the world and using some of that money for buying food from others.

Balancing a country's resources and demography is fundamental to sustainable development, else it collapses. If not too late, is this still the high-quality First-World diverse melting-pot it used to be, or one gradually taken over, and down, by its envious, less successful southern neighbors? In all US history, I wonder, which country did most harm to the US: China, Russia ... or "Mexico"? (Jealousy kills.)

3. Political Correctness

Equality is a great goal to aspire, but to achieve is something else. True equality, however, that is based on facts, is commonly avoided, while another vaguely chanted concept is used instead. Many in power manipulate the latter to easily control and please the masses, e.g. fooling them into believing they deserve more and they should revolt against any unfair boss, ruler, law, or any person or thing they disagree with and want to get rid of. Yet in reality it's mostly Mother Nature's unfairness: our genes, intelligence, characters, physical abilities, health problems, etc. are just different. Someone can run a company or a country, another can just sell lemonade.

Who explains Asians' success here -- and Jews' -- who don't complain much despite being a minority, and despite most of them coming here to start a life from scratch, while blacks and Hispanics are presumably suffering discrimination? It's the "racism" lie everyone should believe, especially blacks and Hispanics themselves to vote Democrat.

Before European settlers (the "evil" white man, or bogyman mainstream media portraits), America's indigenous people couldn't have a civilization with significant scientific achievements to humanity, because of millennia of geographical and mental isolation. Latin American countries had less European settlers than in other immigrant countries (the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or, to a lesser extent, Israel, South Africa, Dubai, etc.). The mestizos, the predominant Latino race, are "mostly" indigenous Native Americans who bred with few Europeans, mostly from Spain and Portugal, as their DNA shows.

We can't jump into the future suddenly, by destroying the present institutions altogether. Any aspired future equality is achieved gradually, rationally. We are not equal by nature, until we change nature itself, by genetic engineering and otherwise. Improving education and environment helps in the short run only, but it won't pass into our genes except after many generations, genetic mutations, interbreeding, and selective inbreeding (unless you have no time for evolution, or you are a fruit fly or an animal with an extremely short life cycle). So ACCEPT countries' and humans' disparity, then put everyone in their niche, instead of clinging to an absurd one-size-fits-all equality, to avoid "political correctness" which should be equally criminalized as "true" racism is. Humans' and countries' average IQs, education levels, religious motives, etc. are different. Don't live in denial or a non-existent Utopia, or one you want to create suddenly and disastrously. Don't rush to see everything you wished, read or fantasized about become a reality before you die. Keep it inside your head only, please.

4. Anti-Americanism

  STOP ridiculing patriotism, European civilization and AMERICA, as some unrealistic leftists keep doing: globalists, futurists, academicians, socialists and others out of touch with the reality on the ground. Charity begins at home: you are responsible for this country most because you know better about it, you can help it more, and you owe it more than a stranger does. It's your loved ones who need you as you need them "most" but not only.

Many globalists deny US exceptionalism and the fact it is the greatest country in modern history. Statistically, the US is still the "greatest large unified country" (you can't compare it to small Iceland or a disunited EU), with best world universities, military, IT, and the most achievements introduced to the world: scientific discoveries/inventions, civil rights breakthroughs, financial/technological support for the whole world, etc.

Still they mock American patriotism, national anthem, flag, etc. In the "virtual" world we live in, some (esp. the hi-tech young or so-called "digital natives") are growing more detached from physical reality, that global values get confused with national ones, the whole with the parts, that they end up less patriotic or responsible for their country: the part of Earth they LIVE in.

Instead of changing the reality, they obsess over less important things, they are directed to, like changing language use (like pronouns/words.), historic symbols (e.g. destroying statues), etc. even at the expense of distorting history for failing to see historic events and persons within their contexts, belittling someone's overall achievements despite the different social norms and limited tools/knowledge he/she had then. They insist to see the past with the present's eyes, which causes "memory bias": a common cognitive defect. They have a problem with both SENSE OF TIME and PRIORITIES.

5. The Culprits

  Some power-hungry politicians who seek more votes at any expense, from illegal immigrants becoming eventually citizens, 16-year-old "children," pardoned/untried criminals, legally unverified "unknown" voters, etc.-- just more quantity than quality, under the mystic word "equality" baiting the mob with.

Supported by the struggling old liberal media and rising digital tycoons brainwashing the mob, they shamelessly elected a severely incompetent president to puppeteer and give instructions to, deciding for him on everything, from top national security issues to "how to move, what to say, and WHOM to take questions--if any--from," a hopelessly losing candidate they reluctantly chose only to get rid of his predecessor, hide behind and pass their own agenda through. What a disgrace to the US image around the world, and a blow to democracy, transparency and the millions who voted for rulers behind the scenes nobody can see! How much more evidence of their deception is needed, and how many more disasters can the US take before that Hi-Tech Gang is gone?  

They diligently gathered "the herd" around one cause, hating his predecessor, Trump -- that many Republicans vote for but not idolize -- to divert any criticism of themselves, obsessing over his character (bluntness, arrogance, provocations, etc.) rather than his actions or achievements, magnifying his mistakes while condoning their DISASTERS. They went to extremes to please their followers by reversing already successful policies just because they were his, ruining the country in the process, in their feverish race for power. They halted The Wall (with no word about their suggested sci-fi "technological" alternative), overburdened border patrol agents with overwork/irrelevant work (distracting them from patrolling, their main job), empowered the cartels, brought in illegal immigrants/drugs/diseases, endangered border communities' lives (whose daily cries for help, like the border officers' pleas, fall on deaf ears), increased terror threats, overburdened the economy, and divided Americans further. Why inviting/keeping/manipulating illegals now, whereas, before, you were deporting them? Ask Obama, the Chief Deporter and Cage-Builder!

  Media, Big Techs & other large corporations (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.) profiting from increasing their business in the US and worldwide, by attracting MORE people at any expense (partners, subscribers, users, viewers, etc.) esp. in populous parts of the world (Latin America, Africa, or even rival countries with conflicting interests with the US' like China). Statistically, they are the "prime winners" from the pandemic, as everyone relied on their technology more. It's no wonder more people are now fighting back against their monopoly and control of our lives, that started with the rise of digital technology three decades ago (the same monopoly a century ago happened with electric companies). They achieved tremendous gains during "the pandemic" that they want to PROLONG. Just like the administration they supported, that won thanks to the pandemic, they manipulate and cite science selectively and prematurely, while it's still developing, impressing the far left with "false science," as opposed to the far right who don't respect science altogether (wearing masks, clean energy, etc.). Who cares about science or protecting lives when it all comes down to self-interest!

Mainstream media outlets benefit from mob journalism rather than professionalism, since, like other corporations, they profit from the quantity, rather than quality, of their "followers": the more, and dumber, the better. Who wants a smart customer, anyway? (In our virtual world, one is to be constantly vigilant not to fall in the sea of misinformation or get entangled in the world-wide web or trapped into any mind-control matrix.)

  Many business owners and employers who favor cheap uninsured undocumented laborers to hire, over US citizens or legal immigrants requiring them more financial and legal obligations.

  Some US Hispanics who want more alliance with Latin America and dominance over the US by mere quantity and quota representation in every aspect of life, not by quality or competence. They are more linguistically, culturally and socially comfortable and legally emboldened to seek more rights if they see the US become more Hispanic. Let alone those who want to bring relatives and friends they couldn't bring legally.

  Some allies who are too dependent on the US, let alone envious, who benefit from having a weak leadership in the US they can easily manipulate and blackmail, "in alliance's name," taking more than giving. Latin America for example, like the US, is made of newly-founded countries sharing the same part of Earth together, the Americas, yet the US made great advances while they lagged behind, feeling left out with the US getting all the attention, even called "America." Thus they felt morally justified to get "more" from the US than they are willing to give, economically, politically and culturally, e.g. through treaties and policies benefiting them more than the US, while not "working" enough on their own reform or problems. (Mexican president Obrador suggested giving green cards and eventual citizenships -- not merely a work permit -- to ALL Mexicans doing any job in the US legally or not. Wow, audacity knows no limit!)

  Adversary foreign countries or entities who directly benefit from weakening the US: China, Russia, Iran, terrorists and terror-sponsoring countries, etc.



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