Reforming the UN



As the world gets closer, the need grows for an effective WORLD GOVERNMENT: a fair, strong, supervisory international body to manage the needs of ALL world citizens, more than the current UN and local governments do. Unfortunately, the present UN, along with its affiliate organizations (world ministries), is too feeble for such role, being founded long ago at colonial/post-colonial times by biased world powers many of which still manipulate, if not illicitly, collectively colonize and enslave developing countries.

Before the advancement of 20th century transportation and telecommunication, the idea of a UN was inapplicable, as countries knew less about each other, quarreled more with each other, and managed their foreign affairs through "long-term "diplomacy, making reaching agreements take ages, prolonging and inciting conflicts meanwhile. The UN finally came as a just, powerful, long-awaited arbiter everyone respected.

Yet, ever since its founding nothing much has changed. The UN influence is still limited, its decisions and actions curbed, not meeting what peoples had expected when it was founded. Colonialism has only been replaced with neo-colonialism, which went quietly, unsuspected by most world peoples who were still in euphoria of liberation from old-fashioned military occupation, and happily joining the US-based colonialist-charted United Nations as free sovereign states (not its predecessor, the League of Nations, that the US never joined or liked). 

Now, 21st century Earth is like a large chaotic state loosely run by a weak, corrupt, backward, undemocratic government called the UN, where neocolonial powers and their clients control the fate of all countries, and billions of Earth inhabitants, misrepresented or unrepresented in such government. A UN reform is needed.


Equality: Leaving world leadership to a few countries is dangerous, just like leaving the fate of an entire country to a biased ruling elite. Unchecked power leads such countries to act according to their self-interest, which is a natural instinct shared by all humans and countries (that are made up of humans too), however they pretend otherwise. Thus power-checking laws are a must, enforced only by a properly founded UN or a democratically elected world government.

Saving Time/Energy/Resources/Etc. A world government can tackle global issues on a "global scale" rather than tackle each country's problems individually or let each act on its own without coordination with the others. This saves ENORMOUS resources, time, and lives, and speeds up the entire human civilization, by solving global problems, implementing global plans/solutions, enforcing global laws, handing countries global rewards/sanctions, etc.

Easier Management: The administrative job of the UN has become even easier, as work can now be divided: among multi-national blocs, nations' governments, regions' governments, and municipalities, all helping the main central government of the world.

There are global resources & properties only a world government should own, manage, and exploit, rather than leave to each country's claim: ocean resources, extraterrestrial resources, unclaimed territories, deep Earth center, people with no nationality, etc. Even resources claimed by countries should be redefined, if they affect other countries or the whole world, negatively/positively: forests, rivers, air pollution, world heritage, etc. Global properties owned by a world government can be used for funding it and its global projects, rather than being funded by some countries who inevitably interfere in such government.


The UN is the equivalent of world government, thus all UN actions should have MAXIMUM transparency and impartiality. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the current UN (the Superpower Club):

Its egregious Security Council "veto power & permanent seats" systems and control over ALL "executive, judiciary & legislative" powers.

Its General Assembly's undemocratic representation of governments, not citizens.

Its silence on elite countries' war crimes, economic monopoly, environmental disasters, and global nuclear threats, as apposed to its apathy toward marginalized states & its politically-motivated sanctions on those non-aligned with the main superpower(s). 

The UN frequent scandals aside.

The structure of the United Nations and its organizations must be changed, its various headquarters relocated (to permanent and changing locations), and its charter re-written. The new UN charter must be well-studied and agreed upon by member states. Electing countries' representatives and other posts in the UN should take place worldwide first, benefiting from telecommunication and other technologies that hadn't been available when the UN was founded.


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